Troy Claymore Muzzle Brake 5.56mm 5.56mm

Troy Claymore Muzzle Brake 5.56mm 5.56mm

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Troy Claymore Kompensator


Linear Kompensator, blässt nur nach vorne


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für 1/2"x28 Gewinde


Compact brake is designed to direct both blast and noise forward, away from the shooter, to effectively dampen recoil for better control. Brake gives an extremely low dust signature and features a recessed crown with a raised saw tooth rim that allows secondary use as a breeching device. Humorously inscribed with “Point Toward Enemy” and large arrow. Models available to fit rifles chambered in 5.56/.223.

SPECS: Hardened 4140 steel, Parkerized, matte black. 2.25" long, .970" O.D. Threads: 5.56/223 - ½" -28 tpi;

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