Luth AR Grovtec Heavy Duty Push Button Swivel Assy

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QD Swivel inkl. QD Öse und Montagewerkzeug von LUTH AR

Ursprünglich für die hauseigenen Hinterschäfte MBA-1, MBA-2, MBA-3 und MBA-4 gefertigt, passt das Set auch in viele andere Hinterschäfte



Featuring extremely tight machining tolerances and pull testing to over 300-pounds of pressure, this heavy-duty swivel utilizes a non-glare manganese phosphate finish to eliminate reflection.

This product comes with 1 Heavy Duty Push Button Swivel, 1 threaded cup and 1 installation tool.


Certain sling swivels may not fit the recessed cup holes on the MBA stocks, however Grovetec Heavy duty Push Button Sling Swivel was designed to fit all 4 of our stocks (MBA-1, MBA-2, MBA-3 and MBA-4).

Specs on the Swivel:
  • The Grovetec sling swivel will fit a 1 – 1 1/4 inch width sling.
  • The width of the oval loop on the sling swivel is 1 1/4 inch.
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