Lancer Handschutz für HK MR223

Lancer Handschutz für HK MR223

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Lancer Handschutz fürs HK MR223

Nur 360gramm schwer

35 cm lang

durchgehende Toprail.

M-LOK kompatibel


Ein tolles Teil!



ancer has designed a lightweight, carbon fiber handguard to replace the HK® OEM handguard, reducing total component weight by almost 25 percent.  Utilizing a carbon fiber layup / resin combination to resist the heat associated with high volumes of small arms fire that is rigid enough for heavy use. Cooling slots are M-Lok compatible, and have been provided to manage barrel temperature.

The Lancer 416 Replacement Handguard requires no modification to the rifle; removal returns the weapon to its original condition. The handguard’s free float, hybrid design incorporates an aluminum sight rail and end cap with a carbon fiber body. The sight rail aligns with the 416 upper receiver.

  • ID/OD of 1.7″/2.0″
  • Free float design with an aluminum picatinny sight rail at 12 0’clock and an octagon composite tube.
  • M-LOK™ slots in the composite tube will accept M-LOK™ compatible accessories.
  • The handguard can be used over most suppressors.
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