Original MAGPUL PMAG Magazin - AR-15/M16 PMAG GEN M3 .223 Rem

Original MAGPUL PMAG Magazin - AR-15/M16 PMAG GEN M3 .223 Rem

Das Magpul PMAG nun in der aktuellen Version!


Lieferung natürlich OHNE Munition!

Top Qualität!

Je nach Lagerbestand in verschiedenen, unten abgebildeten Ausführungen verfügbar.

Die abgebildeten Versionen sind ab Lager verfügbar, andere leider derzeit nicht, kommen aber wieder!


Die PMAG Gen.3 Begrenzer reduzieren die Magazinkapazität um die angegebene Größe!


Der -10 Begrenzer also um 10 weniger (20Schuss Magazin  wird damit zum sportlich nutzbaren 10Schuss Magazin!)

Die Begrenzer werden EINZELN geliefert. Preis also Preis pro Stück!


Jetzt auch lieferbar, Magpul PMAG M3 W ,  MAG556-BLK mit Sichtfenster

im Combo Angebot mit MagBlock -20RD Begrenzer .



Super-Durable & Ultra-Dependable PMAG Refined & Battle-Hardened By Combat Experience

The polymer magazine that revolutionized magazine technology for the AR-15/M16/M4 platform just got even better. The third-generation PMAG further expands the strength, reliability, and versatility of the original PMAG. Along with all variants of the AR-15/M16/M4, the GEN M3 is fully compatible with the HK® 416 and MR556A1, M27 IAR, British SA-80, and even the FN® SCAR™ MK 16/16S. It’s molded from a new polymer formula that delivers distinctly greater resistance to crushing and all forms of impact, with extra reinforcement in the mag catch and feed lip areas. A new-design four-way anti-tilt follower ensures even smoother feeding, even when contaminated by dust or grit. Pop-off dust cover, included, helps minimize debris intrusion and prevent damage during storage. The removable floorplate is both stronger and slimmer for easier side-by-side carry in tight mag pouches. A pen dot matrix on each side allows consistent ID marking that resists handling wear. PMAG 30 is available with plain, solid sides or a clear polymer window on each side that lets you see the load status at a glance. Windows are made from an all-new, advanced clear polymer formula that offers even more resistance to chemicals and impact than the original MagLevel PMAG. PMAG 40 has solid sides. The added capacity means fewer reloads, saving precious seconds for competition shooters.

PMAG 20 GEN M3 - Brings all the GEN M3 enhancements of the 30-round model to the compact 20-round form factor. Departing from the previous PMAG 20 standard, the GEN M3 features a curved body with the same constant-curve geometry of the 30 round model. This not only helps ensure more reliable feeding, but it gives you a shorter mag that’s easier to handle in the prone position.

PMAG 10 GEN M3 - For the first time, there’s an ultra-compact 10-round PMAG model, perfect for hunting and other applications where the lowest possible magazine profile is desired. Ideal when shooting off a backpack or using a bipod. Even better, the 10-round GEN M3 has all the durability, strength, and reliability enhancements of the rest of the GEN M3 line – including the anti-tilt follower and constant-curve radius of the body to aid in round-feeding.




10 Schuss Schwarz
Bauart: 10 Schuss
Farbe: Schwarz
20,00 *
20 Schuss Schwarz
Bauart: 20 Schuss
Farbe: Schwarz
21,00 *
30 Schuss mit Sichtfenster Schwarz
Bauart: 30 Schuss mit Sichtfenster
Farbe: Schwarz
25,00 *
40 Schuss Schwarz
Bauart: 40 Schuss
Farbe: Schwarz
29,00 *
- 5 Schuss Begrenzer Schwarz
Bauart: - 5 Schuss Begrenzer
Farbe: Schwarz
5,50 *
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