American Trigger Company (ATC) PCC AR-9 Gold Trigger -Curved

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ATC wurde durch ihre Gold Trigger für AR15 bekannt.

Nun baut ATC auch endlich einen explizit für 9mm PCC AR gedachten Abzug.

Festes Abzugsgewicht 3,5lbs

Einfache Montage mit mitgelieferten Trigger-Pins

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In field testing for over a year, the PCC GOLD was designed specifically for use in “AR” configuration 9mm PCC’s, taking into account their unique range of dimensions and high blow back bolt speed. This allows you to have the same 1911 like trigger feel and function of the famed AR GOLD trigger in your PCC.



  • Roughly 3.5 lbs. Fixed Weight
  • Drop-In Module (easy installation)
  • Uses .154 pins (included)
  • Super Short Reset
  • Weighs 2.2 oz
  • Designed for PCC AR Platform (9MM)
  • Made in USA
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