Strike Industries Enhanced Bolt Catch

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Vergrösserter Verschlussfanghebel von Strike Industries für AR15

passt an mil-spec Lower

kpl. mit Pin, Pluger und Feder


The SI Enhanced Bolt Catch is another piece in our line of high quality parts for the AR15. The SI AR-EBC features an extra wide bolt catch lever surface making its operation effortless. Its solid construction and clean matte black finish make it a great looking replacement or build project. It’s a great value for an essential item. If you need the parts to keep your AR in top shape, look no further than S.I.


Package includes:
1 x AR Enhanced Bolt Catch 


Case Hardened Investment Cast 8620 per Mil-Spec 

-Mil-Spec bolt catch
-Wide surface area bolt catch latch for enhanced operation
-Solid steel construction
-Sleek SI Design

NOTE: Not compatible with Polymer 80 Lower Receivers, or non-milspec receivers that feature non-standard wall protrusions or shelves.

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