Strike Industries Quick Detach Sling Swivel Loop

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Neue QD Riemenbügel von Strike Industries

Top Qualität, schneller und trotzdem sicherer Entriegelungsmechanismus.

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The Quick Detach Sling Loop is the most revolutionary design for QD attachments to date. With the ability to remove the QD with a single hand, the user can easily squeeze the mechanism for the simplest attachment and detachment. Instead of a traditional push button QD that is tough to disengage, the patent pending side to side mechanism allows for uninterrupted quick attach and detach while the sling is in use. Crafted from 17-4 Stainless Steel and after a quench polish quench (QPQ) process, the durability of the sling loop is greatly increased. The enhanced geometry of the sling loop allows the strap to never pinch, bite, or roll around the interior of the loop allowing for the maximum mobility and comfort in any tactical or training situation.


Compatibility: RIfle/ SMG based, any platform or accessories that has QD socket



LENGTH: 39.75 mm (standard) | 27,2 mm ( micro)
WIDTH: 14.27 mm (standard & micro)
HEIGHT: 30.62 mm (standard) | 33.2 mm (micro)
WEIGHT: 0.8 oz. (standard & micro)


Package includes
1x QDSL (Assembled)

(Patent Pending) Exclusive feature side to side squeeze mechanism for uninterrupted quick attach and detach while the sling is in use
(Patent Pending) Sling loop is designed to minimize slings from rolling over, biting and bunching up
Unprecedented ergonomic design from traditional QD sling attachment, squeeze/ pull to detach, squeeze push to attach
Utility cord cut-out design in sling swivel, for extra retention, when using a makeshift sling (Standard only)
Heat treated sling loop designed for extra load bearing and strength

Version: Micro
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Version: Standard
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