Align Tactical Thumb Rest Trigger Pin For Glock

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Daumenauflage für Glock.

Passt nur für die im Übersicht-Bild dargestellten Waffen!

Bitte Video betrachten um Montage und Funktionsart zu verstehen.

Nach Montage der Daumenauflage muss diese zur Demontage der Waffe teilweise herausgedrückt(siehe Video dazu!!) werden!


The Align Tactical® THUMB REST TRIGGER PIN integrates an ergonomic ledge for the support hand's thumb to firmly lock down against, serving as a brake against muzzle flip to provide the fastest follow-up sight picture. Increased surface contact with the pistol reduces support hand slippage while providing an index point for a consistent high thumbs-forward grip. Swaps in seconds to offer maximum control and speed in Glock® and select Glock-compatible pistols for a competitive edge.

The Thumb Rest Trigger Pin utilizes a patent-pending forked design that leverages the disassembly channel's (opening) as an insertion point for accepting an anti-rotation stop. Pushing the trigger pin partially out (of an UNLOADED PISTOL), allows the anti-rotation stop to clear the disassembly channel so the slide lock can be pulled down for normal disassembly.

Glock Trigger Pins incorporate grooves that are retained by the slide stop under spring tension. Two contact points and a thicker stamping make the ambi-slide stop more secure compared to legacy generations. We've incorporated both groove types for expanded compatibility.

For pin removal, lift the slide stop to help center it to the pin. Simultaneously push the Trigger Pin out with a punch and then replace.

For pistol disassembly, partially back out the Thumb Rest Trigger Pin, allowing the anti-rotation stop to clear the frame's slide lock channel and then rotate it clear. Re-install on a fully assembled pistol (AFTER the slide is attached), to lock in place.

There are two distinct distances between GLOCK's OEM Trigger Pin and the slide lock. These vary between the older (INCOMPATIBLE) "long" Gen 1-4 Competition/Standard models (pictured in red at the end) and the "short" Gen 1-5 (COMPATIBLE) Compact/Sub-Compacts (in green at the end). All Gen 5 models universally switched to the same "shortened" distance for expanded compatibility (Excludes Slimline models).