AR Lower Receiver Selector Stickers

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Aufkleber für den Lower Receiver mit alternativen Symbolen im Sicherungsbereich.

LIeferumfang 7 2-er Sets (links/rechts) Sticker

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Add some flare to your Mil-Spec AR-15 with the new Strike Industries Safety Selector Switch Stickers! Instead of the boring old “SAFE” and “FIRE”, try “spicing” up your range time with one of our several stickers! Sure, switching from SAFE” to “FIRE” is satisfying, but switching from “NO PEW” to “PEW” really gets the adrenaline pumping. Strike Industries Selector Stickers is a great alternative to paying for custom engraving on your lower receivers.  

Designed for mil-spec M4/M16 lower receivers. Fitment on billet and other designs is unknown at this time.

Package Includes: -7 receiver sticker sets

Product Spec:
Designed for mil-spec M4/M16 receivers
Package Weight: 0.2 oz
Materials: Sticker adhesive

- 7 Sticker Sets (ambidextrous placement on receiver) in each pack.