Charging Handle with Extended Latch in Black, FDE, Red, Blue

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Ladehebel von Strike Industrie

Ladehebel ist in verschiedenen Farben gehalten.

Klinke des Ladehebel ist immer Schwarz und aus Alu


The new ARCH-EL Charging Handle from Strike Industries is a T-6 7075 forged hard anodized charging handle featuring a larger aluminum latch surface that functions with ease in adverse conditions. The SI ARCH-EL featuring the aluminum SI Extended Latch will not wear your receiver as fast as steel latches! With its high polished surface, its ergonomic design makes for a smooth, clean charge. The quality of the ARCH-EL is second to none and it’s built for durability. Once you place the ARCH-EL on your rifle, you will see, feel, and know the quality of the ARCH-EL!