CZ Scorpion Pakse Pathfinder Grip

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Alternativer Griff für die CZ Scorpion Evolution vom Hersteller Pakse

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Pathfinder replacement pistol grip for the CZ Scorpion designed and manufactured by Pakse.

This grip is made from high temperature fiber reinforced polymer and features a more vertical angle over the factory grip, allowing the user to tuck their elbow in for a more compact stance when operating the weapon.

Made in the USA, this part counts towards 922R compliance.

Note: In the fully forward position the grip WILL allow the lower receiver to drop free and be removed without having to change the grip position.

  • Pakse Pathfinder Grip
  • Fits CZ Scorpion EVO3 Pistol and Carbine
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
  • Made in USA, 922R compliant

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.