Fortis MFG LE AR15 End Plate & K2 Castle Nut

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AR15 Endplatte und Kontermutter von Fortis

Version K2, die Kontermutter wird dabei von einem Kleinen Hebel gegen losdrehen gesichert. Somit Sicher und trotzdem bei Bedarf einfach

zu lösen. Kein Stalken notwendig.

Endplatte mit 360° drehbarer QD Schnittstelle

Material ALU

wiegt nur knappe 16 Gramm


When designing their new Lightweight Enhanced (LE™) Castle Nut & End Plate System,Fortis  came up with two systems that virtually eliminates the risk of your castle nut ever backing out. With their two lockdown systems (K1 & K2), they've engineered a solution to install the castle nut onto the end plate that is not only robust, but also stands true to their brand of innovation and ingenuity. The K2 system utilizes a locking lever design that seats itself through a designed slot on the bottom of the end plate and into corresponding cutouts on the castle nut. This ultra precision fit allows the castle nut to seat itself into place without the need of staking the end plate. No set screws, no backing out and no failures. All of these features at only .55 oz / 15.6 grams!



  • Lightweight design at only .59 oz / 15.6 grams total
  • Castle nut and end plate are 7075 T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Quick Detach Socket - 360º rotational locking interface
  • No set screws or ratcheting systems that can't be reused
  • Made in the USA