Grayguns Sig Sauer P-Series P22x ELS Trigger System - DAK Compatible

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Nachrüst Abzug von Gray Guns für die Sig 22x

DAK Version!

Einbau durch Fachfirma empfolen

Vor Bestellung an IHrer 22X prüfen ob es DAK oder nonDAK ist! Siehe Bilder!


Specifically designed for the SIG Sauer® classic P-Series DA/SA pistols (not DAO/DAK). The ELS (Enhanced Leverage System) reduces DA and SA pull weights with dramatically improved pull characteristics.

Consists of our new Straight Trigger mated to an enhanced, Custom-Designed Trigger Bar. The premier of this ELS system is the next step in the evolution that started with the EDC/SOT.

Two Versions

  • SIG Sauer P226, P229 and P228 DA/SA pistols with DAK compatible frame window cut


Specifically designed for SIG Sauer Classic P-Series DA/SA pistols (not DAO/DAK). The ELS (Enhanced Leverage System) with a newly designed Straight Trigger (ST) is the next innovation from Grayguns. The trigger kit reduces double action and single action pull weights with dramatically improved pull characteristics without changing springs or spring weight.

This system consists of our newly engineered and patented Straight Trigger with enhanced geometry features mated to a custom-designed trigger bar. In addition, multiple drop-in options are available to tune your action for your specific requirements.

Technical Specifications

The Grayguns proprietary enhanced leverage geometry reduces pull weight approximately 25 percent without compromising reliability or factory safety values.

Each Grayguns enhanced-geometry trigger bar is micro polished for superior smoothness and perfectly timed function.

The trigger kit is engineered to provide several key benefits:

  • Reduces the pull weight of double and single action without the need for spring replacements.
  • Reduced over-travel
  • Reduced pre-travel
  • Maintains all factory safety functions.

The kit is 100 percent American made from precision machined heat treated tool steel. Parts are hand-finished with the quality you have come to expect from GGI.