H&K Roller Retainer Pin - New Style

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HK Roller Retainer Pin, Clamping Sleeve- New Style

Newest style latest design HK roller retainer pin or clamping sleeve (holds roller retainer plate in Place.

Works with all roller retainer plates & springs. All 3 types Std. roller retainer, roller retainer "S" springs and F plates.

HK made this change of roller retainer pins starting in all 2011 produced bolt heads.

I am told that this style of pin is superior in holding ability and durability than the 1st Generation style retaining pin.

Works With ALL styles of roller retainer plates or springs.

  • 1st gen oval shaped plate style roller retainer plate
  • 2nd gen "S" shaped roller retainer spring
  • 3rd gen "F" style thinner roller retainer plate