HB Ind. CZ P10 Reduced Weight Striker Spring Set

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Alternative Federn für die CZ P10, reduziert das Abzugsgewicht um 10-15%


Reduced weight striker spring set for CZ P10-S, P10-C, P10-F. The CZ P10 family has a great trigger out of the box, with pull weights ranging from 4.25-5.25lbs. Our springs are designed to reduce the weight by -10% or -15% (depending on which spring you have installed).

  • CZ P10 Reduced Weight Trigger Spring Set
  • Includes -10% and -15% Reduced Weight Striker Springs
  • Includes Delrin Slave Pin to Assist in Compressing Striker
  • Fits ALL CZ-UB and CZ-USA P10 models (incl. P10S, P10C, P10F)

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA.