HB Ind. CZ Scorpion Evo Ultra Comp

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Alternativer Kompensator für die CZ Scorpion PISTOL!

Passt NICHT auf die Langwaffen!

Passt auf die Waffen mit dem Doppelgewinde1/2-28 und M18x1


Dedicated comp for the CZ Scorpion Evo with M18x1 and 1/2-28 dual threaded muzzles. Designed to eliminate any 1/2-28 thread protector walk/shoot off issues by replacing BOTH the factory M18x1 flash hider and underlying 1/2-28 thread protector (see section view in image gallery). The Evo Ultra Comp threads onto your 1/2-28 muzzle threads, and sleeves over the M18x1 threads, using the factory barrel nut spring tab to clock/retain the device. If running an aftermarket handguard without a barrel nut (such as free float/aluminum type) the 1/2-28 shoulder inside of our Ultra Comp can be torqued against the M18x1 transition on the barrel to provide a secure and concentric fit. Machined from 4140, heat treated, then finished in black nitride for a lifetime of durability and reliable performance.

  • Dedicated Comp for CZ Evo with dual 1/2-28 and M18x1 Thread Barrel
  • Eliminates Factory 1/2-28 Thread Protector
  • Utilizes Factory Spring Tab for Retention
  • Easy Access to 1/2-28 Threads for Suppressor Use
  • Weight is 1.5oz
  • Machined from Chromoly Steel
  • Nitride Finish (Melonite)

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA. 922r Compliant.

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.