Hexmag Advanced Tactical Grip

Hexmag Advanced Tactical Grip

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Der HEXMAG ATG lässt sich in 3 unterschiedlichen Winkeln montieren.

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Hierduch kann der Schütze den Griff individuell an seine Schiesshaltung anpassen.


The new Advanced Tactical Grip from Hexmag is the latest AR-15 accessory to hit the market. This pistol grip features Hexmag’s signature hexagonal pattern for superior grip but can also be outfitted with Hexmag’s Grip Tape. The Advanced Tactical Grip goes beyond style and great looks, it features X-Tech tactical’s patented 3 position adjustment so it can be set at 17,25, and 33 degrees. If you have a short barreled rifle or a pistol you can set the grip at 17 degrees if you are maneuvering in tight spaces. If you have a regular carbine length AR you can set it at 25 degrees, or if you need a more relaxed position that is set further back you can set it to 33 degrees. This is all done by loosening the screw a few turns with the supplied Allen wrench and resetting the grip on the mount to your desired angle.