Hiperfire AK47 / AK74 Braided Main Spring

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Abzugsfeder für AK-KLone von Hiperfire

Nutzung mit Hiperfire AK Abzügen empfohlen

Abzugsgewicht ca. 2 lbs+


Introducing the new XAK Mainspring for AK platforms. Their new mainspring is a tri-twist, music wire AK mainspring that provides a 2+ pound pull weight, and a hard, positive reset on their popular XAK series triggers. Their XAK Mainspring is compatible with their XAK line of triggers, as well as other stock and aftermarket AK fire controls.

Weight: 0.3 oz.

Please NOTE: Pull weight and feel may vary from receiver-to-receiver, and trigger-to-trigger as there is no "mil-spec" standard for all AK platforms. At HIPERFIRE they do their best to be as open and deliberate as possible with the information they put out. Stated pull weights are true with the combination of HIPERFIRE XAK triggers and XAK Mainsprings. They cannot guarantee pull weights in other configurations using triggers or mainsprings from other brands.