Hiperfire Hipergrip- HIgh PERformance GRIP

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Sehr grosser, voluminöser Griff von Hiperfire

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HIPERGRIP™ pistol grip for the MSR, short for HIgh PERformance GRIP. Does the AR market really need another grip? We think so, because this one is different from the others in all combined respects offering real advantage.

  1. The shooting hand’s wrist angle is ergonomically correct. Some would call this a “natural shooter.” This leads to solid anatomically correct supportive structure, for any kind of shooting, including shooting off hand, or when the weak side structure is challenged while the shooter is prone, or when targeting for shots over, under, and through obstacles, benchrest off bags, bipod, etc.
  2. Second, trigger finger placement is ergonomically correct. The shooting hand and finger now points at the target naturally. So, the shooter can grip without tension in the hand or trigger finger. A relaxed finger is a responsive finger, an accurate finger. Long or rapid-fire shooting sessions are now less wearisome.
  3. The shooter’s grip hand is fully engaged making for uniform grip pressure in hands that are small to large. Yes, it does feel different at first, but that’s the point. Now, the shooting hand’s anatomical grip arches, its palm, heel, fingers, and thumb all contribute to a constricting wrap that is natural and very firm, yet relaxed, requiring no excessive exertion. Basically, this grip develops more firearm control with less effort, resulting in more responsive trigger action whether slow or fast.
  4. Full wrap grip engagement is the the CURE for bump-fire. Bump fire occurs when the rifle recoils and rebounds in the shooter’s hand relative the trigger. Whether the trigger finger pulls into the trigger, or the rifle pushes the trigger into the finger, the effect is the same, a shot is made. Because the rifle must now move with the trigger hand due to the more stable grip of the trigger hand relative to the rifle, bump fire becomes impossible.
  5. The HIPERGRIP™ sells “as-molded” from a Black glass fiber-filled polymer engineered for strength and impact resistance. It has a clean, slightly shiny appearance. Even though smooth and slippery feeling, once grasped, the gripping action is solid. The exterior faceted pockets are an aid to grip stability as they imprint ridges into the flesh of the gripping hand to prevent relative sliding in any direction whether the grip or hand is wet, dirty, or even oily, in cold or hot conditions, without or without gloves.
  6. The grip comes with ambidextrous ridges that protect the Safety/Selector from inadvertent knocks. These ridges can be reduced or removed by the user using files or abrasive power tools for easier and faster access required during competitive speed shooting.

Weight: 2.7 oz