Hiperfire XAK® Pins

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Abzugs/Hammerpins von Hiperfire für AK-KLone

Ideal mit dem Hiperfire AK Abzug!


Installing an AK trigger can be difficult to align the stock pins square edges' with the close-fitting holes of the receiver's. While the flush ends may give a slightly more sleek look in the end, it can be a nightmare to push the pins in during uninstall. So we decided to make our own! See the pictures at left and note the ample chamfers, and extended ends on the XAK pins.


  • Chamfered edges for easy push-through installation into any AK receiver; no more hunting for the hammer and trigger holes, or the receiver hole on the back side.
  • Pins are longer so they protrude slightly, making it easier to push them out during uninstalls.
  • Especially compliment HIPERFIRE's XAK triggers that also feature installation chamfers.
  • Compatible with stock pattern AK hammers and sleeved trigger subassemblies.

NOTE: These pins do protrude slightly on the right side of the receiver. This is intentional, and should not interfere with controls. In the event of issues or interference, please contact us before modifying pins, controls, or your receiver.