HIPERSHOE® Trigger Pad

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Ersatz Triggershoe für die mit Triggershoe arbeiteten HiperfireAbzüge in verschiedenen Farben.


  • HIPERSHOE®, High Performance Trigger Shoe
  • Installs on HIPERFIRE®’s Straight and Curved Trigger Bows
  • Engineered Polymer, Engineered Flexibility
  • Lightweight, Robust, Elegantly Simple
  • Imitated, but Never Equaled
  • US Patent 9,052,149

  • Repeatable, Adaptive, Trigger Finger Placement
    • Adjust Trigger Finger For Leverage/Weight
    • Vary Position for Incremental Amounts of PreTravel
  • Increases Finger Pad Contact Area
    • Effectively Lowers Felt Weight
    • Results in a Deft Touch
    • Feel Becomes Transparent: Think Shoot, Shoot
    • Trigger Distractions are History
  • Made In The USA