HKP HK VP9/VP9SK, VP40 Firing Pin w/ Striker - Black

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HK VP9, VP40, VP9SK - Firing Pin/Striker - Titanium

The lightest firing pin for your VP9, VP40 pistol. Upgrade your HK VP series pistol to a Ti firing pin. This will allow for a faster & reduced lock time for faster shots and improved accuracy. By adding the titanium firing pin to your VP pistol you will notice a lighter trigger pull overall. A true drop in part made of the strongest, lightest firing pin material available. Made 100% in the USA from solid billeted Titanium which weighs nearly half of the factory firing pin. Coated in a robust DLC (diamond like coating) PVD process for extra hardness, wear resistance and durability.

Fits all HK VP Series Models:

  • HK VP9, VP9 Tactical, VP9L, VP9 OR
  • HK VP40, VP40 Tactical
  • HK VP9SK

Please note: Because of the inherent wear characteristics of Titanium and the wear properties of hardened steel of the lower grip steel sear vs. the Titanium firing pin, the steel will eventually wear a groove in the titanium firing pin requiring a replacement. This item is sold as a wear & consumable part that will need to be replaced with use. As such there are no returns available for this item. They are sold as is.