HKP Quick Detach Sling Attachment Sling Pin - Large

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The large stock push pin is used to retain the stock to the receiver on the 90 series of firearms. The QD sling pin is a great replacement item as it will allow the user to simply swap the pushpin for the sling pin to allow a sling mounting location for a QD sling.

The sling pin can be installed on either the left or right side effectively offering the user a true ambidextrous sling location. Made from fully hardened CNC'ed stainless steel. Each unit was engineered with a patent-pending locking nut that once installed will not walk loose and is rock solid. This is simply the finest sling attachment design ever made and offered only here at HK Parts.

Fits all of the 90 series firearms below:

  • HK91, G3, PTR
  • HK 93, 33, 53
  • MP5, 94
  • Clones or other custom builds
  • MP5 .22 models

The large push pin is an all-steel pin that is 7mm in OD where it slides through the stock2.1/8" long

Please note: that the MP5K uses the small QD sling pin not the large sling pin