KNS Adjustable Gas Piston Mod 2 Upgrade Collar

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Upgrade Kit für die KNS AK-Pistonsysteme

Dieses Collar der Gen. 2 ersetzt das alte.


Stabiler  gebaut.



We’ve redesigned and improved the adjustment collar for your AK Adjustable Gas Piston. With robust collar geometry and the addition of a roller detent, this version is MUCH stronger and protects all critical components from impact.


Our new collar design is backwards-compatible with the original non-mini version of our piston. Collar & roller have been Nickel Boron treated. Installation is a simple 5-minute process.


Kit includes:

-One Mod 2 Upgrade Collar

-Two Roller Detents

-One 2.5×12 Roll Pin

-One 2.5×14 Roll Pin