Kriss Vertical Grip

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This vertical grip is made by Kriss USA (known for the Kriss Vector) and features an integrated fingerstop, as well as removable pressure switch panels on both the left and right side of the grip. The grip also has a removable base cap that provides access to an internal storage pocket in the center of the grip. It is 1913/picatinny mount, and when installed the grip covers approximately 9 “slots” of 1913 rail space. For those wanting to run a vertical fore grip, we have found this component to be ideally suited for maybe SMG platforms including Stribog, GHM, APC, and Scorpion Evo with forends that feature 1913 picatinny mounting on the bottom.

  • Vertical Foregrip with Integrated Fingerstop
  • Internal Grip Storage
  • Pressure pad slot is 0.59” x 2.8”
  • Fits standard MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails
  • Made in USA