Lancer L5AWM® 10RD Magazine

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10 Schuss Magazin von Lancer für AR15

Körper aus Kunststoff, Magazinlippen Stahl. Die ideale Kombi!

Lieferung OHNE Munition! Dient nur der Darstellung!


Lancer set out to design a better 5.56 magazine; one with the reliability of steel and the durability and weight of polymer. The L5 Advanced Warfighter Magazine (AWM®) is that magazine.

The L5AWM’s exclusive hybrid design includes a hardened steel feed lip assembly molded into a proprietary polymer body with aggressive surface texturing to create the ultimate rifle magazine tough enough for military, law enforcement, and competition applications.

  • The L5AWM is compatible with modern weapon systems, including M4/M16/AR15, SCAR16, HK416, ARX160, SIG556, ARC, SIG MCX, IWI Tavor, IWI X95, SA80, chambered in 5.56x45mm / .223 Remington.
  • Designed, tooled, manufactured, and assembled in the USA