Magpul ELG M-LOK® Vorderschaft – 1895

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Magpul Vorderschaft für Marlin 1895

M-LOk Schnittstellen

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The Enhanced Lever Gun (ELG) M-LOK Hand Guard is a lever-action hand guard designed to optimize the functionality of the Marlin 1895-pattern series of lever-action rifles. The hand guard is 12” long and attaches to the firearm using a patented mechanism that only requires the user to remove the OEM or other manufactured hand guard and end cap.

The ELG Hand Guard has six (6) M-LOK slots at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions for mounting a host of accessories to help shooters make the most out of their classic hunting or home-defense rig. If a shooter wants the adaptability of the M-LOK system but wants to keep the firearm’s clean look while improving purchase on the gun when firing modern, heavy-recoiling .45-70 Gov’t rounds, the ELG Hand Guard is compatible with both Type 1 and Type 2 Magpul Rail Covers. The ELG has an integrated hand stop at the front of the hand guard.

The ELG Hand Guard currently fits ONLY Marlin 1895-pattern guns with the hand guard retaining cap. It will not fit 1894/336 pattern guns without modifications and will require a dovetail hand guard tenon to be added to any gun using a barrel band to retain the OEM hand guard.

Made in the USA.