Magpul ELG™ M-LOK® Hinterschaft – Marlin® 1895/1894/336

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Magpul Hinterschaft für Marlin 1895

Unterschiedliche Wangenauflagen dabei

Wangenauflage aufklappbar, darin Stauraum oder Patronenhalter fpe .45/70 oder .30-30 Patronen

Lieferung OHNE Waffe, dient nur der Darstellung!


The ELG M-LOK Stock is designed to provide Marlin lever-action rifle shooters a stock with maximum adaptability that optimizes their iconic firearm. With adjustable length-of-pull (LOP) and comb height for various types of optics, storage of extra ammunition or accessories in a weatherized portion of the stock, and the ability to attach various Magpul M-LOK accessories and slings, Magpul brings new capability to the lever-action rifle.

The stock allows for 1.5 inches of overall LOP adjustment (from 12.5ʺ to 14.0ʺ in 0.5ʺ increments.) It also ships with a cheek riser and two (2) 0.25ʺ shims for a total comb height adjustment of 0.75ʺ, which attaches to the internal storage compartment door. The stock has an internal storage area, complete with a quiver for six (6) .45-70 Gov’t or 30-30 Win cartridges, and an open storage compartment insert. The ELG M-LOK Stock also accepts Magpul Type 1 and Type 2 QD cups for a mounting a sling, and two (2) M-LOK slots reside on each side for further accessory mounting options such as an ammo saddle. Rounding out the stock’s state-of-the-art feature set is a sling swivel located in the bottom of the pistol grip which allows for shorter slings and a higher muzzle-down carry option.

Made in the USA.