Magpul MBUS Pro Visierungen

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Eigentlich  für seine Produkte aus Kunststoff bekannt, bietet Magpul nun auch Visierungen aus Stahl an.

Hier gibt es ein Front Sight, ein Rear Sight, ein Rear Sight mit Höhenverstellung (LR) und ein Offset Sight, bei dem die Visierung 45° seitlich ausgelagert ist.

Alle Visierungen sind klappbar und liegen sehr Flach an der Waffe an.

Die Höhenverstellung am Korn ist Werkzeuglos möglich, genauso die Seiten- bzw. am LR Rear Sight auch die Höhenverstellung.


Die Visierung ist eine sogenannte One Level, ist also so konstruiert das Front und Rear Sight auf der selben höhe montiert werden.

Das Front Sight ist eingeklappt nur 1,1cm, das Rear Sight 0,95cm hoch.





Made from case hardened steel with a corrosion resistant, melonite finish, these flip up sights fit all 1913 Picatinny rails. Both sights have positive detents to keep them secured at standard AR sight height when deployed, but low profile when stowed. Dual aperture rear sight features a tool-free windage adjustment and is only 3/8" above the rail when stowed. Front sight has a finger adjustable elevation knob on the post, eliminating the need for any tools and sets 7/16" above the rail when stowed. Narrow width of the front sight makes it compatible with most IR aiming laser and light installations.


The MBUS Pro LR capitalizes on the low profile and sleek styling of the original MBUS Pro, while adding the additional feature of elevation adjustments to accurately engage targets at variable distances. Built with all steel construction, this is the sighting solution that delivers no-tool adjustments, maximum strength, corrosion resistance, and functionality in a compact package. Positive detents keep the MBUS Pro LR at standard AR sight height when deployed and so low when stowed that you will hardly notice them.

MBUS Pro Offset:

Building on the proven MBUS Pro platform, the MBUS Pro Offset Front and Rear Sight set is part of an effective aiming system to supplement magnified optics on M1913 Picatinny mounting surfaces. In the event of a damaged or nonfunctional primary optic, or a close target, rotating the rifle 45 degrees provides the shooter with a fully-featured iron sighting solution. Both the MBUS Pro Offset Front Sight and Rear Sight feature durable Melonited steel construction, a positive detent lockup when deployed, a low profile footprint to ensure compatibility and reduce interference with most rifle setups. The front has a tool-less adjustment of the front post for easy zeroing, and the rear has a tool-less windage adjustment for easy zeroing, and dual rear apertures.