Magpul Sing Mount Kit Type 3 für ACS und ACS-L

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Nachrüst QD-Öse zur Montage an den Magpul ACS und ACS-L Hinterschaft


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Easy-To-Install Receptacles for Push-Button Sling Swivels On ACS and ACS-L Stocks


It can be added to either the right or left side of older models for use with push-button QD sling swivels. Heavy-duty steel receptacle gives your ACS stock the versatility of quick-detach, pushbutton sling mounting. Bolts to attachment points molded into the right and left sides of the stock behind the release lever using the included hardware. No drilling or other stock modifications required. Accepts most pushbutton, single-point sling swivels. Swivel rotation may be restricted when the stock’s battery storage compartments are also installed.