MBA-3 Style Buttplate Assembly – 3 Axis – Soft Pad 35 Duro Schwarz

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Verstellbare Schaftkappe zum Nachrüsten für die Luth-AR Hinterschäfte MBA-1, MBA-2 oder MBA-4

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The 3-Axis Buttplate Assembly with soft recoil pad, 35 Duro.

Need 3-Axis adjustment for your MBA-1, MBA-2 or MBA-4 buttstock with a Super Soft Pad?

This complete kit contains everything you need to add the 3-Axis adjustment, length-of-pull, vertical and horizontal adjustment of the MBA-3 to an MBA-1, MBA-2 or MBA-4.

The 3-Axis kit replaces the Length-of-Pull buttplate on the MBA-1 or adds the 3-Axis adjustability to the MBA-2 or MBA-4.

This kit allows you to add the 3-Axis butt plate with soft recoil pad to an MBA-1, MBA-2 or MBA-4. All parts included (will have extra parts to accommodate both MBA-1/MBA-2 and MBA-4 butt stock bodies). The MBA-3 is already configured with the 3-Axis Butt plate Assembly as well as Adjustable Cheek Riser.



  • 1) 3-Axis Recoil Pad,
  • 1) Combed butt plate Frame with insert (tongue)
  • 2) Side plates (dual recess works on MBA-1 and 2; single recess works on MBA-3 and 4)
  • 1) A1 adapter plate


  • 2) Butt pad screws
  • 3) Side plate screws (two longer ones work with MBA-1 and 2; shorter replaces the longer one on top plate for the MBA-3 and 4)
  • 2) Side plate nuts
  • 1) Screw for A1 adapter
  • 1) A1 screw
  • 1) Thumb Screw
  • 1) Star Washer
  • 1) Thumbscrew backing plate


  • 4.5 oz. in total