Odin XMR 3 Extended Magazine Release

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Vergrösserter Magazindrücker von Odin Works in der Gen.3

Material Alu

Ist mit KNS Pins und Magpul BAD zusammen nutzbar.


Inspired by the ODIN Works O2 Lite, the XMR3 is the latest mag release available from ODIN Works. Machined from billet 6061 aluminum and designed to work with KNS pins and the BAD lever. The XMR3 has the largest profile yet, making it easily accessible by all shapes and sizes of hands and fingers. Works with both AR15 and AR10 lower receivers. Easy install that takes minutes.

Technical Specs

  • Compatible with BAD Lever.
  • Compatible with KNS Pins.
  • .1 oz (including paddle, button, and screws)
  • Large surface area for quick magazine reloads.
  • Easy to reach.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Release magazine without changing grip or position.
  • Contoured for positive depression and reduced slip.