Phase 5 Sloped Quick Disconnect End Plate

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QD Endplatte von Phase5 Tactical. Diese endplatte zeichnet sich durch die schräge Anordnung der QD Öse aus,

so hängt die Waffe mit dem Riemen nicht am Hinterschaft sondern dreht sich etwas weg.

Material 7075 Aluminium

Top Handling!


The Phase 5 Sloped Quick Disconnect End Plate (SQD_EP) was designed to replace the standard AR15/M4 carbine end plate. While still meeting the requirements of the original design, the SQD-EP is lighter and QD Swivel compatible.

  • Compatible with mil-spec carbine reciever extensions, commercial-spec reciever extensions, and all Phase 5 Pistol Buffer Tubes on nearly all AR15/M4/.308 AR Variant lower recievers.
  • Lightweight and sturdy 7075-T6 billet aluminum construction is about 80% stronger than 6061-T6 aluminum.
  • Uses a standard AR15/M4 carbine Lower reciever extension castle nut (not included).
  • Accepts all push button QD swivels and QD slings.
  • QD mount is at a 30 Degree angle from the lower reciever to allow a 360 Degree rotation for ambidextrious use.
  • Lighter than the standard stamped steel reciever extention end plate (0.39 oz vs 0.48 oz.
  • Pull force rating= 200lbs

Proudly made in the USA from USA raw billet 7075-T6 aluminum