Rainier Arms Avalanche MOD2 AR-15 Charging Handle Kit - Black

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Ambi Ladehebel von Rainier Arms mit 2 unterschiedlichen Griffadaptern zum Tauschen

Material Alu


Introducing our Avalanche MOD2 AR-15 Charging Handle. Rainier Arms Avalanche A.I. (Ambidextrous Interchangeable) Charging Handle 5.56 supports the uniqueness of today’s shooter while combining the performance you have come to expect from Rainier Arms.The Avalanche’s unique interchangeable handles offer a customized look and feel while supporting individual shooting styles, preserving the fast and fluid motion from either their strong side or support side.

Made in the USA from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum

Kit Includes:

  • Charging Handle
  • 2 interchangeable handles