RS Regulate Factory Length 7" MLOK for AKM Handguard (1.0MM STAMPED)

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M-Lok Vorderschaft von RS Regulate für AKM-Klone

Aufgrund der bekannten Toleranzen der AK-Klone sind ggf. kleinere Anpassungen nötig.


The GKR-7MS is a 7″ drop-in fit MLOK rail for most 1.0mm stamped “AKM style” Kalashnikov rifles with short-style sling loops (not full length or tall loops like East German or Yugo). It mounts similarly to the factory handguards, you will need a factory style front handguard retainer. You can add your KVAR style stainless heat shields for added protection, and you can use your factory cleaning rod

Weighs 3.6 ounces with all hardware included

Minor fitting may be required


  • SLR
  • Arsenal Stamped (No UR models)
  • SAIGA (With Handguard Retainer)
  • SGL
  • AKM
  • WASR
  • SAR