Scorpion Universal Reflex Mount for GLOCK™ (G-SURF)

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Montageplatte von Strike Industries für Glock. NICHT Gen.5


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Dann lassen sich verschiedene Leuchtpunktvisiere (Burris* fast* fire* II & III, Leupold* delta point* reflex sights, Docters* II & III, EoTech* (MRDS*), Trijicon* RMR*)

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Strike Industries is proud to introduce a revolutionary new product. The Universal Reflex Mount for GLOCK™. It has one of the lowest  bore axises in the industry without the hassle and cost of cutting your slide! We have put many hours and 1000's of rounds down range with most of the more popular red dot optics on the market with no problems what so ever! This includes the Burris* fast* fire* II & III, Leupold* delta point* reflex sights, Docters* II & III, EoTech* (MRDS*), Trijicon* RMR* and many others. The mount itself is secured to the slide via the dovetail with 6 set screws.


- Universal optics mount for most proliferated sites in the field
- Super low-profile
- Ability to use an optic without cutting your slide.
- Solid 6061 aluminum construction
- Non-permanent solution for slide-mounted optics.
- Optional Charging Handle ( Removable for Ambidextrous Use )

Package includes:
1x Glock Scorpion Universal Mount
1x installation screws
1x installation baseplate
1x optic mounting screws

*Compatibile with GLOCK Models 17-39 (not compatibile with GEN5) 

Disclaimer- You may mark your slide when using this mount to properly secure the mount. 
It is highly suggested that you have a gunsmith install the G-SURF and utilize the correct tools for installation.
Leupold Delta Point* can be mounted but not with reinforced posts to secure 100%
Trademark* belongs to its manufacturer