Strike Industries Collar Adjustable Gas Block - .750

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Verstellbarer Gasblock von Strike Industries

von Hand verstellbar , 6 Einstellungen

für .750" Gasabnahmen





Traditional adjustable AR gas blocks often require tools to adjust the settings. On top of that, going back to the same settings can be difficult like when switching from suppressed and unsuppressed configurations. Remove the hassle but keep the functionality with Strike Industries’ innovative adjustable gas block.  Using 5 pre-sized settings and 1 closed setting, easily return to the exact same level of gas flow for your direct impingement system. The gas block easily switches position by rotating the collar by hand or while it’s inside a hand guard with a bullet or blade. 



  • Tool-less adjustment collar
  • 6 preset settings for easy adjustments
  • Clamp-On mounted
  • Fits on all 0.750” gas block journal


Package includes:

  • 1x gas block housing
  • 1x gas block rotator collar
  • 3x clamp screws
  • 1x spring loaded detent


Please NOTE: Use included allen keys for installation. Not doing so may cause set screws to strip. Strike Industries recommend all parts be installed by a licensed gunsmith. Recommended torque value for the 3 clamp screws should be no more then 25in/lbs.