Strike Industries CZ EVO Pistol Grip

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Griff von Strike Industries für die Scorpion Evo3 S1

Material Kunststoff

Winkel 15°(damit steiler als das Orginal)


TheStrike  Pistol Grip for CZ Scorpion EVO is designed with more of a vertical angle (15 degrees) for better ergonomics over the CZ factory grip. Comes with textured palm areas for positive handling of the firearm but also includes a stipple ready border if you want a more grippy feeling. You can custom hand-stipple at home for those do-it-yourselfers or send it out to your favorite stippler. The grip features a comfortable beaver tail and secure storage underneath with an included rubber end cap. Made from durable and lightweight polymer.


Package Contents:

  • (1) Pistol grip
  • (1) M4 set screw
  • (1) 2.5mm Hex key
  • (1) Loctite Threadlocker Blue 242



  • 15 degree grip angle
  • Pair with SI Selector Switch for better ergonomics, no pinched fingers
  • Textured palm areas
  • Secure storage with rubber end cap
  • Stipple ready border
  • Made from durable and lightweight polymer
  • Drop-in installation

COMPATIBILITY: all CZ Scorpion EVO models