Strike Industries CZ Scorpion EVO QD Mount Angled

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QD Öse zum Nachrüsten von Strike Industries für

die CZ Scorpion Evo3 S1

Angeled (gewinkelte Version)

Material Alu



The Strike  Angled Quick Detach (AQD)  for CZ Scorpion EVO allows for proper sling attachment to a QD socket that directly replaces the factory CZ swivel sling mount. Designed to fit into the dovetail cuts located on the barrel trunnion, the AQD/FQD is ambidextrous and can be used on either side of the CZ Scorpion. Move the handguard forward enough to slide the factory mount off and simply slide the AQD/FQD into the dovetail for an easy installation. Angled at 115 degrees (AQD) which allows for easier ergonomic placement and accessibility. The QD is a 360° free swivel socket that is made from lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum and is bead blasted hard anodized. The Strike Industries Angled/Flat Quick Detach for CZ Scorpion EVO assists in pairing your QD sling in a harmonious position against your body or secures the sling as a shooting aid.


Package Contents:

  • x1 Quick detach (Angled )


Product Features:

  • Installs in factory CZ barrel trunnion dovetail
  • Ambidextrous for either side
  • Angled: 115 degrees for easier ergonomic placement & accessibility
  • 360° free swivel QD socket
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • 6061-T6 aluminum bead blasted hard anodized


COMPATIBILITY: all CZ Scorpion EVO models



    • LENGTH: 22.9mm
    • WIDTH: 27.15mm
    • HEIGHT: 15.7mm
    • WEIGHT: 0.2 oz
    • WEIGHT W/ PKG: 0.4 oz