Strike Industries LINK Cover - Black (5-pack)

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Abdeckungen von Strike Industries  für M-LOK UND KeyMod!

Material Kunststoff

5-er Set



The SI LINK Cover adds a positive tactile feeling and utilizes their patented LINK system which allows mounting onto both M-LOK and KeyMod compatible devices. Designed to be low-profile and used in any orientation, the contoured covers add ergonomic textured surfaces to your handguard. Made of durable and lightweight polymer, rail covers are also a quick and affordable upgrade to mitigate any heat transfer between the barrel and the shooters hands. Included are 5 pieces per pack to easily configure the Strike Industries LINK Cover to customize your specific comfort and desired setup.


Package Contents:

  • x5 LINK Cover
  • x5 Screw
  • x5 Nut
  • x1 Torx key
  • x1 Loctite® Threadlocker Blue 242®


Product Features:

  • Patented LINK mounting system (M-LOK and KeyMod compatible)
  • Positive tactile feeling
  • Minimizes heat transfer
  • Increased comfort
  • Protection against sharp rail slot edges
  • Made from durable and lightweight polymer



  • LENGTH: 39.90mm
  • WIDTH: 6.20mm
  • HEIGHT: 20.00mm
  • WEIGHT: 0.2 oz (each cover)
  • WEIGHT W/ PKG: 1.4 oz




NOTE: LINK screws and nuts provided are not manufactured by Strike Industries. Please make routine checks that the screws and nuts are secure as part of the preventive maintenance of the firearm.