Strike Industries LINK Curved ForeGrip

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Der Strike Industries LINK Vordergriff lässt sich an KEY-Mod und M-LoK Schnittstellen montieren!

Material ist 6061T6 Aluminium

Verschiedene Farben, je nach Verfügbarkeit unten auswählen


The Strike Industries LINK-CFG (Curved Fore Grip) design was derived from our Cobra Tactical Fore Grip and features SI’s (patent pending) LINK system which is mountable to both M-Lok and Keymod rails. The LINK-CFG is constructed of 6061T6 aluminum- making it ultra-durable for continued use. Using these grips, shooters can apply different techniques to adapt to various scenarios: At the front, a ridged face allows a shooter to brace the rifle without worrying about the grip moving around. At the rear of the grip, the curve can be used as a hand stop. The innovation in this grip will keep you happily stabilized throughout your shooting experience.

Package includes
1x Screw and Nut set

- Direct mountable to both M-Lok and Keymod.
- Lightweight, durable aluminum design
- Multiple ergonomic and functional grip options
- Billet 6061 aluminum
- Designed to offer barricade stop functionality

Weight: 1.7oz