Strike Latchless Charging Handle

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Ladehebel von Strike Industries für AR15

Dieser Ladehebel hat KEINE Sperrklinke, wird nur über Spannung im Gehäuse "gehalten".

Laut Hersteller aufgrund der Möglichkeit das der Ladehebel vom Gasdruck bewegt wird

NICHT für AR15 mit Schalldämpfer oder Läufe unter 14,5" (in .223/300BLK) empfohlen!

In 9mm und .22lr AR nutzbar! auch unter 14,5"


The SI Phantom Charging Handle represents yet another step forward for the AR 15. Simple in its execution, yet robust and reliable, the revolutionary SI Phantom-CH offers forged 7075 construction, efficient side gas venting, and a solid, comfortable interface for the user. Reliable receiver lockup is achieved through a novel hidden spring mechanism that uses the Charging Handle insertion slot in the upper receiver charging handle channel. This channel features a natural radius that will not wear rapidly like the external, 90-degree edge of the standard CH latch area of the upper receiver. The flat spring bearing surface is much larger than a steel ball bearing, spreading force and wear out over a larger area. Increased service life is one benefit of this type of system, as is the comfort and peace of mind that come from a lack of moving or external components that can break or snag/catch on your gear and foreign objects. The solid aluminum construction is durable and provides a solid mounting point for the ISO Tabs, an add-on component that increases surface area for those using large optics and/or gloved hands.

WARNING: For standard mil-spec AR15 only. Not rated for suppressors and /or full auto fire. Not for use on SBRs or pistol length barrels (<14.5")

Package include
-1x Ambi Charging Handle


- Net Weight: 0.9 oz
- Improved service life over competing designs.
- Ambidextrous architecture.
- Simple, sleek, snag free design.
- High-efficiency Gas Vents.
- 7075 Forged Aluminum Construction.