Strike M-LOK ARCA Rail Adapter

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ACRA-Adapter Rail von Strike Industries.

Lässt sich an M-LOK montieren

Länge 6,8"

Es werden mindestens 4 M-Lok Schnittstellen benötigt


The Strike M-LOK ARCA Rail Adapter enables easy mounting on ARCA Swiss mounts. Angled front corners to reduce snagging during ARCA mount insertion. Securely and conveniently adapter M-LOK to ARCA Swiss. Threaded holes along adapter rail for SI ARCA accessories. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, ARCA Swiss mounts have become the industry standard. With the Strike M-LOK ARCA Rail Adapter, you get a low-profile lightweight option to adapt most M-LOK surfaces.

-Most handguards and chassis on the market
-6.8"adapter requires minimum of four (x4) consecutive M-LOK slots + room for adapter plate