Timney Triggers AR PCC 2 Stage Trigger gerade

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PCC Abzug von Timney

Two Stage

mit geradem Abzugszüngel

Abzugsgewicht 2+2 pounds


The Timney Pistol Caliber Carbine replacement trigger is the latest in the Timney lineage of AR-style, semi-automatic, replacement triggers. Timney is offering two models, curved and straight shoe options.

The trigger, hammer, and bridge are constructed of heat-treated steel. The housing is machined 6061, T6 anodized alloy and the trigger is factory calibrated for a pull weight of four pounds with a two-pound first stage and two-pound second stage for the two-stage model.

The new Timney Pistol Caliber Carbine Trigger is a 100% drop in replacement that features a hardened steel bridge to protect the trigger components from the vigorous bolt blow back characteristics prominent in Pistol Caliber Carbines.

The two stage trigger features a non adjustable trigger pull weight of 2 pounds + 2 pounds.

Drop in installation is simple once the factory trigger is removed, you will reuse the factory Hammer and Trigger pins. Set screws are located in the housing to lock the trigger in place and prevent the pins from walking out of place.

The Timney drop in trigger works with the factory safety as well as many aftermarket replacements