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Material Nylon



The TROY T-SLING is the simplest most versatile addition to TROY's line of slings. The T-SLING provides rapid adjustment to either lengthen or shorten the sling simply by pulling on the easily acquirable TROY BioThane handle. This rapid adjustment allows for smooth and easy shoulder transitions no matter your shooting position. The T-SLING simple design removes possible snag hazards such as loops and or tails and utilizes polymer buckles for silent scratch free operation. .


  • 2-Point sling
  • 1” Ballistic Mil-Spec nylon webbing
  • Padded for additional comfort
  • Adjusts instantly and quietly with one pull of the TROY BioThane handle.
  • Polymer buckles for silent adjustment that will not scratch the weapon
  • Contains closed cell foam that won’t separate or retain water
  • Padded weight 4.32 oz.
  • Pad is 20” in length
  • Overall Length fully extended 85” (w/o QD Mounts), open to close pull of the BioThane handle is 15” of adjustment
  • Installs on AR15s, AKs, SIGs, Shotguns, rifles, or other guns
  • Made in the USA; Berry Amendment compliant