Turelli Tactical Arms GLADIO COMPENSATOR AR15-AM

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Dieser Compensator passt auf das US-Mündungsgewinde ½"-28 UNEF


Compensator compatible with all of the AR15 platforms in .223 calibre with ½"-28 UNEF American standard thread.
The model designed for the most common type of rifle on the market: it will bring out the best in your weapon.

Conceived on the shooting range and designed for all shooters who know how important gun stability is when shooting.
Our compensator has become a must among rifle enthusiasts: ideal for all RIFLE circuit contests, it is the one accessory that good shooters cannot do without. Thanks to its particular geometry, it significantly reduces axial recoil of the weapon and almost completely eliminates the annoying muzzle rise (this is what inspired the name "zero erre", meaning zero "Rs," recoil and rise). Another fundamental advantage that our compensator adds to the mix is stabilizing the torsion toward the right of the weapon, due to the right-handed rotation of the bullet as it crosses through the barrel.

When designing and manufacturing the Gladio compensator, we gave special care to the choice of materials used and the different thermal treatments for the production of the product, with the aim of obtaining an excellent result that is nearly perfect.
Gladio is made with AISI 420B stainless steel, manufactured mechanically and thermally treated to guarantee the right elasticity in the areas of most stress when firing. It then undergoes galvanizing treatment to boost protection against corrosion. Lastly there is a special coating treatment applying a metallic film in a vacuum, guaranteeing superior flow of firing gases, reducing erosion and the deposit of unburned material transported by the flash. The laser incision of our brand completes the processing and guarantees the originality of the piece.