Tyrant Design AR NexGen Buttstock

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Tyrant Design ist für inovative Griffe bekannt, Material oft Carbon und Alu

Nun gibt es einen Hinterschaft, der seinesgleichen sucht!

Material Kunststoff, Carbon und Alu!

für mil-spec Buffertubes!


NexGen AR-15 Buttstock

Introducing Tyrant Design's new NexGen AR-15 Buttstock for customizing and personalizing the AR-15 rifle. Ergonomically designed to align perfectly with the body while providing comfort and stability, try it for one range session and it will become the best AR buttstock you've ever used! Best of all it works on any standard mil spec buttstock assembly / buffer tubes.

Next Generation Construction

Constructed of polymer, carbon fiber, and aluminum, our buttstock for AR-15 platforms are designed to withstand the rigors of shooting and training. Each buttstock is surgically crafted using the latest technology in plastic molding, CNC Machining, Rubber molding, AND die cutting. The unique polymer and aluminum body construction guarantees each NexGen buttstock to be free from cracks and peels and to be resistant against the toughest weather conditions.

Carbon Fiber Cheek Weld

It doesn't just look good; the carbon fiber cheek weld was added to help keep the surface temperature of your buttstock at a constant. Having properties that keeps it both heat and cold temp resistant it is the perfect surface area to literally rest your face on. In our opinion it is by far the best buttstock for all weather conditions.

Comfortable and Solid

Every shooter knows that managing the recoil of an AR-15 is vital to performance and accuracy. The NexGen AR-15 Buttstock has a THICK rubber buttpad that is solid and comfortable. Ergonomically fitting into the shoulder, the recoil pad is designed to absorb the shock of the recoil and to minimize movement and repositioning between each round fired. We even added a 15 degree slant at the bottom to help roll the firearm into ready shooter position.


We believe that every AR-15 can be customized to fit a shooter's specific needs and body type. Ambidextrous action levers and an ambidextrous/double-sided QD point for the attachment of a sling truly makes this adjustable stock unique to the shooter. This butt stock has the ability to attach any number of slings or carrying systems to make transport easy and efficient. The ability to adjust and adapt for comfort and accuracy are what set this butt stock apart.

Lightweight and Durable

The AR-15 stocks market is highly competitive and holds many imaginative options for every part of the AR-15. Every rifle needs a solid foundation and that is why we have developed a butt stock that is both lightweight and durable. Adding accessories and after-market optics only work if the non-moving pieces are solid and reliable. AR-15 owners can add freely to their rifle because this is a butt stock that performs its function without adding unnecessary weight.

Recreating Innovation

The Tyrant CNC NexGen AR-15 buttstock is designed for quality, for durability and for comfort. We believe in developing the best products through the most innovative designs. Having the right equipment at the right time is crucial to every AR-15 owner and the NexGen AR-15 buttstock with its polymer and aluminum body construction.

Simply put, Tyrant CNC is recreating innovation and creating the best stock on the market

Additional Information

  • Platform AR-15
  • Series NEXGEN
  • Designed For Models AR-10, AR-15, AR.380
  • Fitment Notes Fits mil spec buffer tubes. May not work with some QD Points
  • Features Ambidextrous Levers, Polymer/aluminum/carbon fiber/rubber construction, Heat treated stainless steel internal components, Drop tested to 150lbs ft of force
  • Component Buttstock