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Nachrüstabzug von CMC für AK-KLone


AK "Elite" Precision Trigger Assembly

• Design based on field proven CMC AR-15 trigger geometry

• Extra crisp break and positive reset

• Ultra-smooth linear pull

• Minimal take up and over travel

• Excellent lock time utilizing Rocket wire Hammer Springs

• Patent pending 3 point mounting system secures fire control group in receiver

• Patent pending isolation of the trigger pivot pin from inherent variation in AK-47 receivers

• Patent pending modular design allows installation in most AK-47 variants

• Aerospace grade alloy housing maintains dimensional integrity of critical fire control group

component relationships

• Trigger components are fabricated from precision investment castings. Trigger and Hammer are

8620 alloy steel. Disconnector is S7 tool steel. All manufactured to exacting tolerances for

reliability, longevity and confidence.

• Critical engagement surfaces of the fire control group are finished ground using state of the art

CMC developed manufacturing techniques

• In-house manufacturing and quality control of 100% of the fire control group components

• Modular design allows trigger to be removed without uninstalling the fire control group allowing

bow style swapping with minimum effort