CZ Scorpion Barrel Nut Tool

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Steckadapter zur Demontage der Mutter zur Demontage des Vorderschaftes an CZ SCorpion Evo3 Carbine,

sowohl Modell Faux SD als auch Carbine


Use this tool to remove the barrel nut on your CZ Scorpion Carbine.

All tools are made from heat treated 4140 chromoly steel, then zinc plated for long term corrosion resistance.
CZ Scorpion Carbine (This is for all 16″ barrel carbines, including both Evo 3 and 3 Plus as well as faux suppressor models)

Please note that the torque spec for the barrel nut with a factory carbine handguard is 200 in*lbs, or about 16 ft*lbs.

Over torquing the barrel nut can cause the factory handguard to crack or split.

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA.