HB Industries HK 3 Lug Adapter Flash Hider

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Mündungsfeuerdämpfer/3-Lug Adapter von HB Industries

für Gewinde 1/2"x28, wie z.b. auf der CZ Scorpion Evo 3, nicht auf die Pistol Version!

Erlaubt die einfache Montage eines Schalldäpfers mit 3-Lug Schnittstelle ( auf Anfrage lieferbar, EWB erforderlich)


This 3 Lug adapter is slotted to induce flash suppression. The nose and peripheral milled slots have been specifically shaped to actively remove carbon buildup from the inside diameter of your suppressor’s 3 Lug mount each time the suppressor is installed or removed. These 3lug adapters are also 25% lighter than our standard 3 Lug adapters.

Our HK type 3 Lug adapters are ideal for pistol caliber suppressor mounting. They are perfect for use with calibers 9mm and smaller (9×19, .300blk, .380acp, etc…). Machined to HK specs this adapter mates with the 3 lug mounts made by all of the major US manufacturers of suppressors (including: Silencer Co, Liberty, Gemtech, AAC, DeadAir, Rugged and more). These adapters are machined from chromoly steel and finished in black nitride.

  • Flash Hider Integrated 3 Lug Adapter (HK Type, 15mm Nominal Nose OD)
  • Slots Scrape Carbon from ID of Suppressor Mounts
  • Length 1.43″, Thread Depth .50″
  • Weight is 0.63 oz
  • Machined from Chromoly Steel
  • Nitride Finish (Melonite)

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA.

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.